Disadvantages Of Line And Staff Organization

Drawbacks or disadvantages of line and staff organization structure are as follows: 

1. Problem Of Conflict

In line and staff organization structure, there is high chance of conflict between line and staff authorities due to misunderstanding. This may affect productivity of the organization.

2. Confusion

Confusion is another drawback of line and staff organization. Confusion is created due to lack of proper delegation of responsibility between line and staff authority. This definitely hampers the efficiency and productivity of the organization.

3. Expensive

This type of organization is costly than line organization structure. Line and staff organization hires experts and specialists and they are paid more remuneration. This increases administrative cost. So, this type of organization structure is not suitable for small firms.

4. Lack Of Coordination

Lack of coordination is another glaring defect of line and staff organization structure. Due to confusion and lack of proper communication, there is a chance of misinterpretation.  

5. Burden For Management

It is complicated for the top level management to handle the subordinates of line and staff. This hampers smooth operation.

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