Advantages Of Line And Staff Organization

Major advantages or benefits of line and staff organization structure are as follows:


In line and staff organization structure, planning function is undertaken by the staff officers and line managers handle the doing functions through specialized staff personnel.

2. Better Discipline

Better discipline can be maintained in line and staff organization structure because of proper unity of command. It also helps to maintain stability in the organization.

3. Flexibility

Line and staff organization is flexible by its nature. New departments can be created and staffs can be added according to the need of the organization. 

4. Better Coordination

Better coordination is possible in line and staff organization due to the full support of staff authority.

5. Decision Efficiency

In line and staff organization, decisions are made by specialists and experts of related field. Therefore, decision making is effective in this type of organization structure.

6. Balanced Workload

Because of better coordination, specialization and proper division of work, there is balanced work load and less burden to the line executives.

7. Advancement Opportunity

In line and staff organization, different training and development programs are conducted with the help of experts and specialists. This provides scope of advancement to the employees. 

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