Disadvantages Of Line Organization

Limitations or disadvantages of line organization are as follows:

1. Autocratic Leadership

In line organization, rights and authority lies with top executive. So, there is high chance of dictatorship to the lower level employees.

2. Excess Work 

In this type of organization, a single executive has to manage various tasks. Superior has to take various decisions and supervise different departments and subordinates. Excess work increases the overload of the manager/superior.

3. Lack Of Specialization

In line organization, the superior has to management different types of works. He also has to supervise every subordinates. He may not be an expert in all fields. So, manager cannot complete all jobs effectively.

4. Chance Of Favoritism

There is high chance of favoritism in line organization structure because one superior controls the whole organization.

5. Inefficiency

This is another major drawback of line organization. Due to overload and lack of specialization, one man can't run organization effectively and efficiently. 

6. Improper Communication

There is direct communication from top to bottom level in line organization. There is no provision for bottom level to top level communication. It may negatively influence the lower level employees.

7. Unitary Administration

In line organization or vertical organization, rights and authorities are in the hand of single executive. Top executive cannot be questioned by the subordinates. This demoralizes the lower level subordinates.

8. Lack Of Cooperation

Due to unitary administration and improper communication system between top management and subordinates there is lack of cooperation on line organization.

9. Instability

Line organization fully depends upon the ability and skills of one superior. The organization may collapse if he/she dies or leave the organization. So, this type of organization is not stable by nature.

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