Difference Between Line Organization And Line And Staff Organization

Following are the main differences between line organization structure and line and staff organization structure:

1. Authority

Line Organization: Totally centralized authority
Line And Staff Organization: centralized authority with the involvement of specialists for guidance.

2. Unity Of Command

Line Organization: There is unity of command because subordinates have superiors to command.
Line And Staff Organization: There is also unity of command but line authorities are not forced to implement the experts in opinions and advice.

3. Nature

Line Organization: Simple form of organization with clear division of authority and responsibility.
Line And Staff Organization: Complex form of organization creating confusion about authority and responsibility.

4. Discipline

Line Organization: Discipline is maintained strictly in this type of organization structure.
Line And Staff Organization: Liberalness in discipline.

5. Provision Of Expert

Line Organization: No provision of experts.
Line And Staff Organization: Yes, there is a provision of experts and functional specialists in this structure of organization.

6. Suitability

Line Organization: Suitable and effective for small and middle sized organization.
Line And Staff Organization: Suitable and effective for big firms.

7. Cost/Economy

Line Organization: It is economical in nature.
Line And Staff Organization: It is costly than line organization structure.

8. Possibility Of Conflict

Line Organization: No chance of conflict
Line And Staff Organization: High chance of conflict among line and staff authority.

9. Decision Making

Line Organization: Decisions are taken by top management in this organizational structure.
Line And Staff Organization: Decisions are made by experts and specialists.

10. Types Of Personnel

Line Organization: One type of personnel for line authority.
Line And Staff Organization: Two types of personnel(line and staff authority).

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