Importance Of Office Furniture

Office furniture is essential for smooth and efficient functioning of an office. It makes office environment comfortable, pleasant and attractive. 

The following points indicate the importance of office furniture:

1. Efficiency

Office furniture increases work efficiency of employees. They feel comfortable to work in a pleasant environment. The office work can be done smoothly with speed and productivity increases.

2. Labor saving

Systematic layout of office furniture facilitates easy movement of employees. Properly designed furniture reduces unnecessary movements. Therefore labor can be saved.

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3. Fatigue reduction

Right type of office furniture reduces fatigue in employees. Fatigue is the feeling of tiredness. Employees can work longer hours without feeling tired and monotony of work decreases.

4. Safety

Safety is also one of the major importance of office furniture. Systematic layout of office furniture ensures safety in office. Records can be safely kept in cabinets and drawers. The risk of damage from rats, insects, fire, water and dust decreases. The chance of theft decreases.

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5. Employee satisfaction

Comfortable and properly designed furniture maintains employee satisfaction. It develops positive attitude towards the organization. The level of employee motivation is maintained.

6. Image

Attractive furniture provides favorable impression to visitors. This improves the image of the office. Customers are attracted and goodwill of the organization increases.


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