Meaning Of Office Machine

Office machines are needed for performing office jobs accurately, speedily and efficiently. They have labor, time and cost. They are used by every type of office.

Office machines are mechanical and electronic devices they aid office works. They range from calculator to computers. Office machines are essential for functioning of a modern office. People perform jobs in office and office machines aid them to do the jobs efficiently. They increase productivity.

Office machines can be of following types:

Computer: It performs multiple functions electronically.

Accounting machines: Calculator, cash register, cheque writer, book keeping machine, note and coin counting machine.

Secretarial machines: Telephone, fax, photocopy, typewriter, Dictaphone, addressing machine, franking machine, letter opening and sealing machine, numbering machine, time recording machine.

Office machines should be carefully selected. They should meet office need. They should be compact, serviceable, flexible, usable and of reasonable cost.


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