Importance Of Office Machines

Office machines are very useful and important to perform office activities more effectively and efficiently. Machines save labor, cost and time. They ensure better quality and accuracy. 

The main importance of office machines can be discussed as under:

1. Labor saving

Office machines are labor saving devices. They save human labor and same volume of work can be done by less number of employees. Performance of existing employees increases. Therefore, office machines are important in every office.

2. Time saving

Office machines save time because they can perform office work faster. For example, calculating machine can do calculations much faster than manual calculation.

3. Cost saving

Cost saving is another importance of office machines. They save costs by saving labor and time. The office operating costs go down. Office machines require heavy investment for installation but they save costs of providing services in the long run. They are economical.

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4. Better quality

Office machines increase quality of office work. They bring uniformity in work. This promotes standardization in work quality. The work performed is accurate and neat.

5. Accuracy

This is another importance of office machine that these machines bring accuracy in office work. Chances of errors decrease. A machine an work continuously with uniform speed. 

6. Reduce monotony

Repetitive manual jobs create monotony in employees. They feel bored and physical tired. Office machines can perform repetitive jobs continuously and reduce monotony.

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7. Reduce fraud

Office machines reduces the chances of fraud in office work. Cheque writing machine reduce chances of unauthorized signatures. Franking machines reduce chances of fraud in postage stamps. Cash registers reduce chances of cash manipulation.

8. Efficiency

Office machines increase efficiency in office work. Employee performance increases. Office costs go down. Complex problems are handled easily. Computers store information safely and provide it speedily as and when needed.

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9. Control

Office machines facilitate control in office work. Actual performance of employees can be compared with standard performance. Corrective actions can be taken for gaps in performance.

10. Image

Office machines increase prestige and image of office. They provide modern look to the office. Efficient and timely services increase satisfaction of customers, employees and shareholders.


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