Functions Of Office Management

Following are the main functions of office management:

1. Planning

Office management defines future road map of the office. It decides in advance about future activities of office. It sets objectives for the office and chooses actions to achieve those objectives. Office management is future oriented. It sets standards of performance for an office.

2. Organizing

Office management assigns office jobs to people and positions. The steps taken are:
- It groups similar office jobs
- It creates positions in office. Jobs are assigned to people and positions
- Authority and responsibility of each position is defined
- Coordination mechanism is established

3. Human resource management (Staffing)

Office management hires people to fill office positions. It is concerned with hiring, training, using and retaining people.

4. Directing

Office management guides and supervises office employees to perform job. It involves leading, communicating, motivating and coordinating.

5. Controlling

Office management measures actual office performance with standards. Corrective actions are taken for deviations in office performance.


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