Concept And Meaning Of Office Management And Its Elements

An organization without office is unthinkable. Office management is needed in all organizations. It manages support services of various departments in the organization. No organization can run effectively without efficient office management. Office management is needed at all levels of management.

The main elements of office management are described below

1. Jobs

Office management gets the office jobs done. The jobs are management of information, records, supplies, properties and people.

2. People

People are another element of office because  jobs are performed by people. Human resource management is an important aspect of office management.

3. Functions

Office management performs management functions. They are planning, directing, and controlling.

4. Objectives

Office management achieves office objectives. They are:
- Efficient provision of services to other departments
- Coordination of activities of various activities
- Efficient performance of office work.

Therefore, office management is concerned with smooth and efficient performance of office work. It involves planning, organizing, human resource management, directing and controlling functions to achieve office objectives.


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