Concept Of Office Layout And Steps In Designing Office Layout

Concept And Meaning Office layout

Layout is space planning. Office layout is arrangement of departments, machines, equipment, furniture and physical facilities. Office layout is systematic planning of available floor space.
Layout is needed for smooth and efficient flow of office work. It uses available space effectively. Layout differs according to the nature and needs of organization.

Steps in designing office layout
Office layout should be designed properly. The office manager should be assisted by a professional expert for layout design. The steps are:

1. Prepare blueprint
A blueprint of the total space available is prepared.

2. Consult department heads
Consultation is done with department heads to assess their needs. It is based on the number of employees, machines, equipment, furniture etc.

3. Other factors
Other factors such as lighting, heating and work flow are determined

4. Layout model
A layout model is prepared. Miniatures of physical components are placed in the appropriate place in the model. The space occupied by them is ascertained.

5. Final layout design
The layout design is put for discussion with department heads. The finalized design is submitted to top level management for approval.

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