Difference Between Departmental Stores And Multiple Shops

Departmental stores and multiple shops are both large-scale retail shops. However they are different from one another according to their nature, location, services, price of goods, credit facility etc.

The differences between them can be presented as follows:

1. Nature and volume of goods

Varieties of goods are sold out by departmental stores. Only one or few types of goods are sold out by multiple shops.

2. Location

Departmental stores are generally established in the center of cities. Many multiple shops are operated in many places in cities, and in different parts of the country so that the shops may be within the reach of consumers.

3. Price of goods

Price of goods are relatively high in departmental stores. Price of goods in multiple shops becomes lower than in departmental stores, because multiple shops become able to eliminate middlemen.
4. Free services

Departmental stores provide different services free of charge due to which cost increases. Multiple shops do not provide free services.

5. Credit facility

Along with cash sales, departmental stores also provide credit facility. Multiple shops sell goods only for hand cash.

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6. Departmental division

Departmental store is divided in different departments. Multiple shops are not divided in different departments.

7. Nature of decoration

Departmental stores are decorated in and out but no uniformity is found in decoration and display of goods. Multiple shops are decorated and goods are displayed in uniform manner in all places.


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