Meaning Of Co-operative Stores

A cooperative store is also a retail institution. It is owned and operated by consumers but not by any businessman. As a result of adopting cooperative principles in the sector of distribution of goods, consumers cooperative societies began to established. Consumers establish consumer societies in order to get quality goods at minimum price by eliminating wholesalers and retailers.

Some consumers voluntarily organize themselves to establish co-operative store, they contribute the share-capital of the co-operative society. Such society is not established to earn profit. It is established and operated to provide services or to supply necessities of the members. If profit is earned, it is divided among the members. Co-operative stores buy goods in large quantity directly from producers and sell to its members at cheap rates. Such stores, as far as possible, are operated in minimum expense.

Therefore, consumers voluntarily organize themselves, establish co-operative store, and operate it by themselves to get rid of exploitation of middlemen. Such store buys necessary consumers goods in large quantity and sell to members at reasonable price. The purpose of such co-operative store is not to earn profit but to provide services to its members.


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