Components Of Promotion

Personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, publicity, public relation etc. include in promotion mix and these are the major components of promotion. Marketers may use all the methods of promotion in order to inform target market, reassure and remind customers of their goods or services.

These components of promotion can be described as follows:

1. Personal selling

To encourage or persuade potential customers on individual basis to buy goods or services is called personal selling. Business firms make their efforts to reach public and sell their products. In this, sales representatives presents goods to potential customers and persuade or motivate them to buy. This is very old and popular technique.

2. Advertising

The other method of promotion is advertising. This is used as non-personal mass communication. Well-known sponsors use advertisement by paying money to make customers know about their goods or services. Such advertisements are communicated through radio, TV, newspapers etc.

3. Sales promotion

Sales promotion is used as complementary of advertisement and in coordination with personal selling. Sales promotion is often used as short-term strategy in order to achieve certain objective in target market. Trade fair, exhibition, display, sample distribution, coupon, gift etc programs are conducted in sales promotion.

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4. Publicity

Sales promotion can also be done through publicity. Like advertisement, this is also mass communication process to create demand for goods or services, but cost is not paid for it. Business firms hold press conference, photography, news broadcasting, publicity etc. and distribute different advertising materials to pressmen. News presentation may create positive attitude in customers.

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5.Public relations

Public relation is more target-oriented method than others. This is such a planned effort by which the attitude, thought, idea, and belief of target customers is influenced. Effort for public relation is reflected in newspapers, annual reports etc.


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