Objectives And Functions Of Promotion

Promotion has its own importance in marketing. Promotion function has crucial role in informing customers about firm's products and motivate them to buy. So, main functions and objectives of promotion can be mentioned as follows:

1. Informing
The first objective and function of promotion is to make flow of information about goods and services. Different channels are used to supply products to the final consumers from producers. So, producers should give information about their goods or services to middlemen, final consumers and industrial users. Similarly, wholesalers should communicate the information to retailers and retailers to final consumers. It is usual that the problems of market communication go on increasing due to increase in the prospective customers and geographical diversity of market expansion. Even a very useful product cannot get success in market if nobody gets any information about it. So, giving information about the product to prospective consumers is one of the important objectives and functions of promotion.

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2. Persuading
The other important function of promotion is persuading. Persuading is to motivate customers to buy products. It becomes essential for producers or sellers to make persuasion program under promotion due to intense competition among different industries producing similar types of products. Only information about goods or services can do nothing. The sellers should give information about the benefits, quality, utility, price etc. of products to make consumers confident that their needs will be satisfied with the goods or services. The sellers should have such ability. For this, persuasion is very important.

3. Reminding
The consumers should be reminded time to time of the availability, satisfaction, utility, benefits etc. of products. Many producers or sellers disseminate thousands of messages and information about their products to attract new customers, expand and establish markets of their new products. So, even the manufacturing firms already holding markets should remind customers of their products. Because of cut-throat competition in production and marketing, every firm should always conduct promotional programs to remind the customers of their products and exist in markets.

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4. Reassuring
After buying a product, the customers may not be confident in their buying decision. They may feel whether they took right or wrong decision to buy a certain product. So, promotion plays an important role to make them confident about the quality, utility and benefits of the goods they have bought. This makes them free from worry about the brand of the product, increases brand loyalty in them and improves image of the firm. This is called reassuring.

In this way, giving information and messages about firm's products to the customers, stimulate and persuade them to buy, remind and reassure them are the main functions of promotion.

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