Concept Of Promotion

Promotion mix of marketing is concerned with communication mechanism. Product provides benefits, distribution creates place and time utility, and pricing determines price of products, whereas promotion gives information to potential customers about these elements. Hence, promotion mix includes the exchange of information take place between buyer and seller.

The effort to create demand for products by providing adequate information about quality, features, natures and price of products to potential customers is promotion. Promotion function is directed towards creating demand by providing adequate information about products to the consumers and middlemen in order to increase sales volume. What the marketer has done to satisfy the need of consumers is communicated by promotion of the products.

Promotion is mainly concerned with the efforts to influence target market. promotional program is designed to give information about goods or services to prospective customers to make them confident and to remind them of the goods or services.However its ultimate objective is to influence or bring change in customers' thinking, attitude, behavior and belief. In clear meaning, objective of promotion is to influence prospective customers, arouse curiosity in them about goods or services, receive purchase order from them and make them real customers.


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