Concept And Meaning Of Advertising

Advertising is one of most important elements of promotion mix. The non-personal communication of information and messages about goods or services made by the producers or sellers paying money to any media is called advertisement.

Besides giving information about goods or services to customers, advertisement also educates them. Producers or sellers may use different media such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. in order to make customers know about their goods or services and communicate their messages and ideas. They also may use fair, post office, internet and so on to advertise.

Together with the development of industry and business, goods began to be produced in mass quantity. This created problems in distribution; such problems began to be solved through advertisement. In fact advertisement is one of the most effective as well as easy means to increase sales. Information and messages are given to general public about goods and services through advertisement. This is the best means to disseminate information and messages to maximum people about products at lowest cost. In this age, sales of goods or services cannot be imagined without advertisement.

Advertisement has become very effective and powerful means of promotion. Advertisement has been used so much and with so many methods that nobody is free from its influence. We read newspapers, hear radio and watch TV, walk in streets, travel by bus, or go to cinema halls, or go to buy goods to the markets, everywhere we see and hear advertisement. So, advertisement reaches everywhere or becomes universal.


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