Types Of Salespersons

The role of salespersons become crucial in sales and distribution of goods or services. Such sellers are different such as producers' salespersons, wholesalers' salespersons, and retailers' salespersons.

Different types of salespersons can be explained as follows:

1. Producers' Salesperson

The sellers appointed by producers are called producers' or manufacturer's salespersons. They sell goods or services to wholesalers, retailers and final consumers. They get remunerations directly from producers. The types of producers' salespersons are as follows:

a. Pioneer salespersons

Pioneer salespersons give information to consumers about new goods or services of manufacturers. They present themselves active, influential and decisive to introduce new products in markets. Their role becomes important to introduce new product in markets. Their role becomes important to create demand for new products.

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b. Merchandising salespersons

The sellers who are skilled in selling special types of goods like medicines, scientific materials and equipment, electronics goods etc. are called merchandising salespersons. Appointed by manufacturers can have good knowledge about the products.

c. Dealers servicing salespersons

The sellers appointed by manufacturers to establish living contact with distributors, wholesalers, middlemen or dealers to receive purchase orders from them are called dealer servicing salespersons.

2. Wholesalers' salespersons

The sellers appointed by wholesalers are called wholesalers' salespersons. Their main function is to help wholesalers to supply needs of retailers by keeping regular contact with them. Such salespersons go to retailers'shop,check the stock of goods, collect purchase orders, make arrangement of delivery etc. They give advice and suggestions to retailers about, decoration, display of goods, promotion etc. They also give wholesalers about market situation, retailers' problems, competition etc. and help them.

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3. Retailers' salesperson

The sellers appointed by retailers for the purpose of taking help in distribution and sales of goods or services are called retailers salespersons. They find prospective customers, contact them, help them in selection of goods and deliver goods to them.


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