Sales Process Of Indoor Salesperson

Indoor salesperson requires effective and systematic process to attract the customers, convince them and influence them to buy the product. It involves step-by-step sales process which begins from drawing attention to seeing-off with praise.

The process to be applied by an indoor salesperson can be discussed as follows:

1. Drawing Attention

At first the salesperson should draw attention of the customers to sell goods. If the attention of the customers coming to the shop themselves is not drawn, they may go to other shop. If the indoor salesman does not draw the customers' attention towards his shop among many other similar shops, it becomes impossible to sell goods. In order to attract the customers towards his shop, a salesperson should hang signboard, decorate and display his goods in a way that they are clearly seen by the customers.

2. Reception

The task of indoor salesperson is to attract and receive customers in their shop. As soon as possible the customers enter the shop, the salesperson should respectfully welcome and great them. The salesperson should welcome them impressively in a heart-winning manner.

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3. Inquiry
After receiving and welcoming the customers to the shop, the salespersons should inquire about their needs and wants. The salesperson should politely and respectfully ask the customers relevant questions to understand their needs and wants.

4. Demonstration Of Goods

After asking the customers about their needs, wants, desire and interest, salesperson should show or demonstrate the goods to concerned customer. While demonstrating the goods the seller should be cheerful, smiling and active. The quality, features, relative benefits, importance etc. of the goods should be clearly explained to the customers so that they decide to buy goods.

5. Replying The Objections

Customers may raise doubt, objections to the goods after the salesperson demonstration and explains the quality, utility, features, price etc. of the goods. Seller should calmly and politely reply them. While doing this, more information about the goods or services can be given to the customers.

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6. Selection Of Goods

After the customers have got satisfactory answers or reply from seller, they take decision to buy the goods. Then they select the goods whichever they want. A salesperson should not force the customers to buy the goods, which they do not prefer; rather than the seller should help them to select proper goods.

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7. Additional Sales

After the customers have selected goods, actual selling is completed. The salesperson hands over the goods to the customer. Then the seller prepares bill. The salesperson can request the customers to buy any additional goods. Such additional goods should match the already bought goods. The suggestion should be given according to the nature and attitude of the customers. 

8. Commendation And Seeing-off With Praise

The last stage of the process of indoor salesperson is to see off customers with commendation or praise. Taking price of the goods from customers does not complete a sellers' function. The salesperson should properly praise and commend for buying goods.


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