Methods Of Operation Of Mail Order Business

The method of mail order business is different from other methods. In this method, at first the producer or seller should try for receiving purchase order from customers. For this, a list of potential customers should be prepared carefully making time-to-time changes. Then producer or seller should prepare the list of goods. After both kinds of lists have been prepared, an effective advertisement of the goods should be made so that the potential customers are attracted towards the goods.

The copies of the advertisement should be sent to different newspapers, magazines and other printed media to publish it. Copies of the advertisement should also be sent to radio, TV, to broadcast. Some copies should be sent by post to different places to the customers as listed. As result of the advertisement, customers can send purchase order, some may send letter to producer asking about the goods. If such letter has been received, list of goods, price list and folders leaflets, booklets etc. should be sent immediately through mail. The customers should motivate to send purchase order by sending letters to them.

When purchase order has been received, the ordered goods should be sent by post to the buyer's address as soon as possible. Packing of the goods should be carefully done in a way that they could reach the customers safe. Generally, goods are sent through V.P.P (value payable post). In this method, until the goods are handed over to the customers, they do not pay the price of the goods. In this way, mail order business is operated.


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