Features Of Mail Order Business

Mail order business is different from other forms of business because of its some distinct features such as selling the products by post, no need of middlemen, no shop, no personal contact between producer and buyer, attention drawing advertising etc.

Main features of mail order business can be described as follows:

1. Sale by post

This is the unique feature of mail order business. In mail order business, purchase order is received through mail/post and goods are sent through mail/post. Payment of price for the goods is also is made by mail/post. It is said Value Payable Post (V.V.P).

2. Elimination Of Middlemen

Doing business by mail, middlemen are not needed. This automatically eliminates middlemen. The producers themselves directly send goods, as ordered, to consumers.

3. Non-store retailing

Mail order business is a non-store retailing. Shop is not needed to operate this type of business. It does not need to keep stock of goods.

4. Effective advertisement

Attractive as well as effective advertisement should be done to draw customers' attention in this business. Catalog, price list and other information about goods should be sent to customers at different times in this business.

5. Selected goods

All types of goods cannot be sold through mail order business. Only durable, standard and lightweight goods become suitable to sell or purchase through mail/post.

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6. No personal contact

No personal contact is another important feature of mail order business. In this business, the seller or producer and buyer cannot have personal or apparent contact with each other. Contact and business is done only by mail/post.


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