Objectives Of Sales Promotion

Sales promotion works as link between advertisement and personal selling. There may be difference in the objectives of the method of sales promotion. However, the common objectives of sales promotion are to launch new product, attracting potential customers, to increase brand awareness etc. 

The main objective of sales promotion can be described as follows:

1. To introduce new products

Through sales promotion, new products are presented to prospective customers to persuade them to buy the products. Mostly free samples are distributed. Likewise premium, consumer competition, reduction in price etc. tools can be used. Besides the consumers, middlemen also can be motivated to keep stock of the products.

2. To identify and attract new consumers

The objective of sale promotion is also to identify new customers and attract them towards the firm's products. Different techniques of sales promotion are used at different times to stimulate customers to buy the products. If the business firm feel that the volume of current sales to the present customers is unsatisfactory, the firm tries to identify and develop new customers to sell the products.

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3. To encourage more purchase among current customers

The main objective of sales promotion is to increase sales volume. The producers encourage current customers to purchase more through different promotional methods like premium, reduction in price, competition etc.

4. To combat or offset competitors' marketing efforts

A business firm always adopts sales promotion policy so that its products are not sold less than competitors' product in the markets. So, it becomes necessary for the firm to adopt proper sales promotion policy to offset the effect of competitors' policy in the market, if they try any. Hence the objective of sales promotion is to counter competitors' marketing policy and efforts.

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5. To stabilize the fluctuating sales pattern

Fluctuation in demand, especially due to seasonal effect, brings instability in sales volume. In such situation, the producer or business firm can bring stability in sales pattern through sales promotion programs.

6. to increase brand awareness

The other important objective of sales promotion is to increase the total number of customers by increasing brand awareness.

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7. Other objectives

The other objectives of sales promotion are as follows:
* Increasing consumption
* Broadening distribution channel
* Educating consumers regarding product improvement
* Bringing more customers into retail stores.


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