Methods Or Tools Of Sales Promotion

The short-term methods to be used by any business firm to increase sales volume are called means or tools of sales promotion. Such short-term methods or tools of sales promotion are directed towards consumers, middlemen and even to the sellers appointed by the producers. So, the methods of sales promotion can be divided in three groups as consumer, promotion, middlemen/trade promotion and sales-force promotion.

1.Consumers promotion

Sales promotion means are directed to make the current consumers increase the use of products and attract new consumers. Along with this, consumer-oriented sales promotion methods are also used to offset competitors' sales promotion strategies or to minimize the decline of sales volume at the time. Free samples, coupon, price-off promotion, premium, consumer contests and demonstration are the consumer-oriented promotion methods.

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2. Middlemen/Trade promotion

Only encouraging consumers or customers to buy products is not enough for the producers or sellers, they should also encourage middlemen. They should encourage wholesalers, retailers, dealers, distributors, etc. to buy products in large quantity. The method to stimulate middlemen is called trade promotion. Dealers, distributors, or other middlemen can be encouraged to buy and keep more inventory of goods. Middlemen can be attracted through different methods or tools such as cash discount, price-off promotion, contests, gift, display and advertising allowance etc. Besides these methods, the producers may increase sales volume by organizing time-to-time training and workshops, giving instruction and advices to the middlemen.

3. Sales-force promotion

Manufacturers appoint salespersons to sell or distribute their products. Such salesman are sales-force. Sales volume can also be increased through effective mobilization and encouragement to the sales-force. Different methods like bonus, sales-force contest and sales meetings can be applied as sales-force promotion.

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In this way, the methods used in sales promotion can be divided in three classes. Any one or more methods can be used according to the promotional objectives of the business firm, target market for promotion, nature of products, methods of promotion and its cost, current financial position etc.


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