Means Of Advertisement Or Advertising Media

The means used in communicating information and messages about goods or services are advertising media. There are various type of advertising medias like press media, audio and visual media, electronic media etc.

The main advertising media are as follows:

1. Press or print media

Newspapers, journals, magazines and other printed mistrials are called print media. This is much practiced and important media among advertising media. Press or print media can be divided in newspapers, magazine, catalog, broacher, news-later, profile, posters etc.

2. Visual media

The presentation message of advertisement to be seen by eyes is called visual media. This is external advertisement. Under this include billboards, outdoor displays and indoor displays. Billboard or hoarding board is printed the advertisement. It is attractively printed in attractive designed letters and put at the places where people can see it. Outdoor display includes paintings, posters, banners, wall painting, electronic symbols etc. and are used as advertising media. Similarly, the messages or advertisement presented in retail shops, trade fair, exhibition etc are called indoor advertising.

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3. Audio media

The advertisement communicate in a way that people can hear the message is audio media of advertisement. Radio, tape-recorder, circular disk, telephone etc. can be used to communicate advertising message. Among them radio is the popular as well as effective media. So, it is called radio advertising.

4. Audio-visual media

The other popular advertising media is television. This is audio-visual media of advertisement.In this, both presentation and explanation of the products can be done at the same time. Sound, song, music, speed, scene are included in advertising any product. This kind of advertising is free from the defects of only audio or video advertising.

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5. Electronic media

Audio-visual media are also electronic media for advertising. But here electronic media means internet media. Now a days, direct selling has become possible through telephones and computers. E-mail and websites are used for advertisement. Internet media has go popularity in short time.


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