Features Of Departmental Store

Main features of departmental stores are as follows:

1. Large retail establishment

Departmental store is a large size retail institution under a roof where different goods are sold out. Adequate capital needs to be invested to establish, operate and expand it. Generally, departmental stores are operated as joint stock company.

2. Central location

Departmental stores are established and operated in the central places of cities. Such business is established at the convenient places where multitude of people moves through.

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3. Various departments

Separate departments are established to deal in particular kinds of goods. One department sells only one type of goods.

4. Wide varieties of goods

To provide all kinds and varieties of goods to satisfy customers' needs in the same place is an important feature of departmental store. It is said 'from needle to plane, i.e A to Z goods can be found in a departmental store'. All the consumers goods from ready-made garments, household goods, furniture, electrical goods, medicines, motor cars to many others are sold by departmental store.

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5. Centralized management

All the departments of departmental store are operated under the management and control of central level management. But each department is let free to purchase, sell and advertise their goods.

6. Special facilities

Departmental stores make all the necessary goods available to customers. They also provide different facilities to the customers to attract them. Departmental stores provide goods on credit, help customers to carry goods to their home, they also provide cafeteria, telephone, mail, and other services to customers.


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