Methods Of Operation Of Departmental Stores

Departmental store is large scale retailing institution. Generally, it is established in central places of big cities and towns. Departmental stores sell so many varieties of goods that most of the needs and wants of customers are satisfied at the same store.

Generally, departmental stores are established and operated as joint stock companies. Departmental stores are managed and operated by a general manager or executive director under the control of board of directors. Departmental stores are divided in different independent stores. Separate manager is appointed for each department. They work under the leadership of general manager, and become responsible to the general manager for the operation of their department. Each department obeys policies, rules, directions and regulations formulated by management. Each department may have separate office and account section.

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Different sections such as sales promotion, customer services, account etc. are established in departmental stores according to necessity and type of goods. Departmental stores adopt the centralized purchasing and decentralized sales policy. It gets all kinds of benefits of a large-scale business. Departmental stores can get relative benefits such as discount in price, transportation, selection of goods, packaging etc. Such facilities are provided while purchasing large volume of goods.

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In western countries, mostly women are the customers of departmental stores. Women shoppers also buy goods, which are needed for gents. Departmental stores also provide various free services. They provide goods on credit, help customers to carry goods their homes etc. Departmental stores also provide facilities such as entertainment, place for children to play, cafeteria, waiting room, telephone service, mail, newspapers, different information etc. to customers. Departmental stores remain active to make customers feel cheer and happy along with buying goods.


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