Disadvantages Of Supermarket

There are various advantages of supermarket; at the same time there are also disadvantages. The major disadvantages of supermarket are  requirement of huge capital, need of appropriate location, no personal attention, not suitable of varieties of products etc.

The main drawbacks or disadvantages of supermarket are as follows:

1. Huge capital required

huge amount of capital is required to establish supermarket. It needs to be operated in huge building for which large amount of rent needs to be paid.

2. Need of central place

Central as well as proper places are needed to establish supermarkets. Supermarkets cannot be operated everywhere. It becomes difficult to find proper location to establish supermarkets, even if found they become costly.

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3. Lack of personal attention

Another disadvantage of supermarket is lack of personal attention. The employees and other staff do not pay adequate care. The customers should bring goods up to counter by themselves to pay bills. The employees do not care for the customers. Most of the customers, especially women shoppers do not like this. 

4. Unsuitable for all products

Only some products, which are known by customers, can be sold in supermarkets. Some goods need to be explained by sellers to the customers for their knowledge. So, the products unknown to customers cannot be sold out from supermarkets.

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5. Need of efficient manager

Compared to other retailing institutions, efficient manager is necessary for the operation of supermarkets. Otherwise, it cannot be operated successfully.


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