Methods Of operation Of Supermarket

Supermarkets are established mostly in the centers of cities. In this varieties of goods are made available and sold out. A least number of sellers are employed. mostly, price-indicating labels are stuck on almost of all items. Customers can see, read from a little distance.

In supermarkets, customers can select any goods they want, put in basket, or trolley and take to counter, pay the bills. Supermarkets do not sell goods on credit. The customers should pay price before taking delivery of goods.

The operation method of supermarkets is similar to the method method of departmental stores. Supermarkets are operated as joint stock company. A board of directors is formed to manage the business. Different departments are established according to the variety of goods. But the departmental manager is not employed like in departmental stores. Free services to customers are nominal in supermarkets, but parking facility, resting place etc. are made available.


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