Advantages Of Supermarket

The main benefits or advantages of supermarket are low price, rapid and large scale sale, low operating costs, freedom of choice to the consumers and large amount of profit

The advantages of supermarkets are as follows:

1. Low Price

Goods are found at relatively at low price in supermarkets because they purchase larger quantity of goods, sales volume rises high. It takes less operating cost. They take less profit from customers.

2. Rapid and large sale

Supermarket becomes able to attract more customers due to its special features. The customers crowd in supermarkets for the cheap price and selection facility. As a result, supermarkets can sell their goods rapidly in large volume.

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3. Low operation expenses

Supermarkets take relatively low operation expenses. Supermarkets do not provide free services to customers, except some nominal. They are established with the objective of providing goods to customers at cheaper price. So they employ least number of sellers. As a result, supermarkets can be operated with less cost.

4. Freedom of selection and self-service

The customers should select goods themselves in supermarket. More freedom is given to select goods, due to which the customers can get more satisfaction. Such freedom is more appropriate for those customers who do not like interference of sellers.

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5. Prospect for large profit

Large profit is another advantage of supermarkets.They can have prospect of earning more profit, because they purchase in large quantity and sell out small quantity. Moreover, they bear only little operation expenses and do not provide free services to customers. This automatically results in more profit.


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