Distinction Between Domestic Tourism And International Tourism

Following are the main differences between domestic and international tourism:


Domestic Tourism: Local residents touring within the country without crossing the international borders. They travel different places of their own country.
International Tourism:International visitors cross international boundaries of different countries for their visiting purpose. They travel foreign countries for pleasure, relaxation, adventure, business etc.

2. Nationality

Domestic Tourism: Traveled by national citizens.
International Tourism: Traveled by foreign citizens.

3. Legal Documents And Formalities

Domestic Tourism: Domestic visitors do not require legal documents and other formalities.
International Tourism: They need verified legal documents like passport, visa, traveler cheque, tour permit etc. They also need border formalities.

4. Income

Domestic Tourism: It promotes local business but it does not generate additional revenue. It redistribute money within the country,
International Tourism: It generates huge foreign income to the country. It also helps balance of payment.

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5. Promotion And Management

Domestic Tourism: It is simple to promote and manage domestic tourism. Marketing and promotional activities can be performed with less expenses.
International Tourism: Marketing activities are costly and hard to promote and manage international tourism.

6. Benefit

Domestic Tourism: It supports national unity and creates harmony. 
International Tourism: It supports to maintain international friendship.


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