Concept And Meaning Of Tourism Product

Tourism is a single industry but it is made of different industries such as hotel, airlines, travel agency, trekking agency etc. Each one of them provides individual product or they combine together to provide travel experience.

Any visit to a tourism destination comprises a mix of several components of different organizations. A traveler may buy all the travel components from a commercial supplier, for example, travel agency as a single product or may buy travel components individually from different suppliers. 

Tourism product is a group of components or elements brought together in a 'bundle' to satisfy the consumer's need. A tourism product is anything that can be offered for attraction, acquisition or consumption. It includes physical objects, services, personalities, places, organizations and ideas. Generally, tourism product is designed as an augmented product, which is the totality of benefits that a traveler receives or experiences in obtaining the formal product. People do not buy products, they buy expectation of benefits. Therefore, tourism product is an amalgam of what a traveler does and experience during a tour. The service used and the products purchased during the trip are products.

Tourism product is the total experience of the visitors. It includes everything and every person they come into contact with during their stay. The tourism product is more than simple attraction or accommodation. Tourism product is primarily an experience not a good. It is the total of travel experience not a good. From a consumer's view, tourism product is a bundle of benefits and choose those which give them the best bundle. Tourism product includes all the necessary elements of product plus luxury and status.

So, tourism product is and experience of place ( Location and people) at a particular time. The basics of tourism product formulation are selling experience, which they cannot get at home. They buy experience, which is different from everyday's job.


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