Steps Or Procedures Of Planning

Planning is an intellectual process, mental process and managerial process under which several and series of related tasks are performed. Planning is that process which embraces a number of tasks and steps. In each steps, the related and relevant facts and information are collected and analyzed and best out of all is chosen and adopted. Thus, when we talk about procedures of planning we should understand as process in planning functions i.e. the steps in planning functions. It is to be understood that the procedures of planning suitable to one organization may not be suitable and valid for another organization. It is because various factors that go into planning may differ from organization to organization. So, it is very difficult to prescribe a fixed process of planning for the organization. However, the procedures of planning as a generally acceptable process or steps of planning can be followed for the purpose. The steps involved in planning are as follows:

1. Analysis of environment or awareness of opportunities

2. Determining objectives or goals to be achieved.

3. Developing and forecasting planning premises.

4. Determining the alternative course of action.

5. Evaluating alternative courses.

6. Selecting the best alternatives

7. Formulating derivative plans.

8. Budgeting the plans

9. Reviewing the planning process.


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