Features Of Planning

Planning is an intellectual process of setting objectives and choosing the appropriate methods or means to achieve those objectives. So, success or failure of the organization depends on the proper planning process of the management. Goal oriented, selective process, intellectual process, continuous process etc. are some of the major features of planning.

The main features of planning are identified as follows:

1. Planning is the beginning point

Planning is the beginning or starting point of the process of management. A manager has to plan firstly, then only he ca possibly organize, direct or control the business activities.

2. Planning is an intellectual process

Planning is an intellectual process, because in planning, manager is required to think before acting or doing the job. It relates with thinking in advance.

3. Planning is the primary function of management

As a function of management, it is the primary function. Before other functions are undertaken for action, planning function is to be performed. Planning relates with setting goals, determining policies, developing strategies and preparing action plans and programs. Without setting or deciding above, there is no meaning of other functions.

4. Planning is goal oriented

A plan is required to be prepared to accomplish or to achieve certain objectives. It should be oriented towards the goals because planning is meaningless without goals.

5. Planning is future oriented

Plan at present and act in future. Planning is done for the future course of action. It decides at present what is to be done in the future. Forecasting is the basis of plan and prediction of future is the basis of forecasting.

6. Coordination

Planning helps to coordinate various levels of activities. Planning provides guidelines to do the work to all the managers and staffs of all levels.

7. Planning is a continuous process

Planning is never ending process of the management. A manager is required to be watchful constantly and continuously.

8. Planning is based on the facts

Planning is not based on entirely guess work, rather the course of action for future is highly based on facts, information realities, objectives and forecasting.

9. Planning is selective process

Planning is concerned with achieving the goals of the organization. For that, many alternatives are 
prepared and formulated, however, only the best alternative is selected, ascertained and decided. Hence planning is essentially a process of choosing among alternatives.


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