Types Of Indexing

The nature, size and volume of records determine the type of indexing for an office. There are various types of indexing like book indexing, card indexing, visible card indexing, loose-leaf indexing etc. Different types of indexing systems are used by different offices.

Different types of indexing can be described as follows

1. Book indexing

It is the most common type of indexing. It uses register book for indexing. It has alphabets A to Z on the right side. Each alphabet is given some pages. The alphabets are visible at a glance. The names and subjects of files are written on the left side of the page in alphabetical order. Telephone diary is an example of book indexing.

2. Loose-leaf indexing

It is book index in loose form. It uses loose sheets of paper for indexing. The papers have alphabets on the right side from A to Z. Alphabets are visible in glance. The names and subjects of files are written on the left-hand side in alphabetical order. The loose sheets are fastened by metal rings or hinges.

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3. Card indexing

It uses thick cards of standard size. The cards are placed in drawers or cabinets in a vertical position. An iron rod keeps the cards together. One card is allotted to one name or subject. Cards are arranged in alphabetical, geographical or chronological order. Guide cards are used to divide in sections. This type of indexing is found in libraries.

4. Visible card indexing

It uses cards of standard size. The cards are flatly placed in a tray. Each card overlaps the other card. The bottom of the card is easily visible. The tray is fitted in a drawer. They can be easily pulled out for reference. The cards are kept together in the tray by a device. This type of index in used in banks for specimen signatures. It is also used in libraries.

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5. Strip card indexing

It is an improvement of visible card indexing. Strips made of thick paper are fitted in a metal frame. The strip contains one line information. All the strips are easily visible. One strip card is used for one name or subject. It is alphabetically or numerically arranged. It is generally used in clubs and social organizations. It is used for information about name, address, telephone number etc.

6. Rotary card Indexing

Rotary card indexing is an improved form of visible card indexing. it uses paper cards of standard size. The cards are fitted in a round metal rod with slits. The metal rod is fitted in a rotary machine. The cards are arranged in slits in alphabetical order. The rotary machine is rotated clockwise to locate the needed card.


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