Meaning And Purposes Of Indexing

Concept And Meaning Of Indexing

Index is a guide. It is a list of names, subjects and dates. It is used for locating documents. Index indicates exact location of records.

Indexing refers to the system of preparing index of documents. The documents can be in files, drawers and filing cabinets. Index in an office is prepared to know the location of files and documents. It is a reference list about names, subjects and dates. Indexing is essential for smooth operation of filing system.

Purposes Of Indexing

Indexing is heart of filing. Its purposes are as follows:

1. Facilitate filing

The main purpose of Indexing is to facilitate filing. An office receives several documents daily. Indexing provides a reference list of files by names, subject and date. The needed files can be quickly identified for proper filing of documents. Indexing ensures speed in filing.

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2. Facilitate location

Indexing facilitates easy and quick location of files and documents as and when needed. This helps decision making, planning and control in the office.

3. Facilitates cross reference

A single document can be related to various subjects. Indexing facilitates its cross references. This improves office decisions.

4. Increase efficiency

Indexing helps to increase office efficiency. It saves time and efforts in searching documents. It brings smoothness and promptness in office operations. Working efficiency of office employees increases. Office costs decrease due to increase in efficiency.

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5. Maintain secrecy

It is another purpose of indexing to maintain privacy. Indexing helps to maintain secrecy about office matters. Office files and documents cannot be located easily without the help of index.

6. Systematic filing

Indexing helps to develop a systematic filing system. Filing without indexing is incomplete. Filing system in modern offices cannot be operated without indexing.



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