External Sources Of Information

External sources of information are located outside the office. They involve exchange of information with outsiders. They are as follows:

1. Incoming mail
Mail received in an office is an important external source of information. It can be received from messenger, postman, courier. It can be collected by an employee. It can be received through fax or e-mail.

2. Documents
They can be inquiries, quotations, tenders, orders, notices received by the office.

3. Interactions
Interactions in meetings, conferences and personal visits can be important sources of information. the sources are:
* Managers: They gather information by reading newspapers, journals and interactions with customers, suppliers and middlemen.
* Middlemen: They provide information about the actions of competitors.
* Specialists: They are appointed as consultants to gather information.
* Outsourcing: Detectives are hired to gather intelligence information in a legal way.

4. Mechanical
Telephone calls, fax, e-mails, websites are used to gather information.


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