Functions Of Packaging

Packaging is one of the most important functions in marketing. The task of keeping any product in container, carton, or wrapping in, binding with, or keeping in boxes etc. for freshness and protection of products is called packing. But packaging does not mean only this task. Packaging has broad meaning. The important functions of packaging are as follows:

1. Containment
To provide proper and safe container or place for keeping any product is an important function of packaging. The functions of designing, producing and providing containers, boxes, packets, bottles, paper, or paper-bags, or plastic bags etc. according to the nature of products to put them include in packaging. Suitable kind of containers or boxes are used according to the nature of products for transporting or keeping them in warehouse or in showroom.

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2. Protection
The main or important function and objective of packaging is to keep the products safe and fresh. Packaging helps to protect products from the possibility of loss, damage, decline in quantity and quality, color, size, etc. that may be caused by sun, rain, dust, insect, air and so on. The products are packed in proper materials to carry them from one place to another in right condition. Some cases, package increases the life span of the products. Glass made goods, food products and many other goods can be kept safe from crack and break, damage, decaying, adulteration etc. by packaging.


3. Identification
Packaging gives short introduction of different kinds of products and their producers. Every producer or middlemen select color, size, design of container or box, and package their products in a way that they look different from competitors' products. This makes customers easy to identify the same-nature products of different firms. The customers can recognize and may buy the products of their favorite company or brand as soon as see the package. Mostly, information such as name of the product, name of manufacturing company, ingredients used i product, weight, quality of the product, its using method are printed or written on the package.

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4. Promotion
The other important objective and function of packaging is to promote sales of the product. If the product has been packaged in attractive material nicely, it plays important role in sales promotion. Attractive packaging draws attention of customers, stimulates their interest toward the product and motivates them to buy.

5. Prestige
The other function of packaging is to create brand prestige of product. A quality product properly packaged in good material becomes prestigious. Even though the product is good in quality, but its packaging is not attractive, customers' attitude becomes negative towards the product itself. So, packaging is an important function of the firm to increase reputation and prestige.

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