Types Of Public Warehouses

Generally, public warehouses are divided in three types as general merchandise warehouse, special commodity warehouse and cold-storage warehouse.

1. General Merchandise Warehouse

The warehouse where goods of imperishable nature such as raw materials, semi-finished, finished goods and other business commodities are kept is called general merchandise warehouse. Producers, wholesalers, and retailers keep their goods in such warehouses paying certain rent. In this warehouse, goods are kept safe from weather change. Such warehouses do not need arrangement of special temperature, humidity or any daily operation.

2.Special Commodity Warehouses

This type of warehouse is used to store the goods, specially agro-products and other special nature commodities. Special arrangement of warehouse is made for different nature goods. For example - separate arrangements are made to store agro-products like foodstuffs, wool, jute, cotton, tobacco, tea-coffee, and for fuels like petroleum, coal, chemicals and other special nature goods. Such warehouses are called special commodity warehouses.

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3. Cold-storage Warehouse

The warehouse in which perishable goods are stored such as fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, eggs, cheese, butter and other dairy products, drinks, medicines etc. are known as cold-storage warehouse. Such goods are kept in cold-storage warehouse to protect them from heat, air, humidity, pollution etc. An arrangement of artificial chilling system is made in such warehouses. Nowadays, all types of perishable products can be kept safe in cold-storage warehouse and can be made available in market round the year. Such warehouse is also called refrigerated warehouse.

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