Meaning And Features Of Unsought Goods

There are three main classes of consumer goods: convenience goods, shopping goods and specialty goods. But there are also some other goods not included in any of the above classes. They are called unsought goods. Two types of goods include in unsought goods. They are (a) Newly introduced goods about which customers have not known and (b) the goods which the customers are not interested to buy or do not make effort to buy.

For example- the above (a) class goods like video television or talking computer may be a unsought goods for some people. The examples of (b) class goods are encyclopedia; life insurance policy, valuable stones etc. They must be unsought goods for some people. The consumers may know about such goods but are not interested in buying. Until they feel need of these types of goods, they don't think to buy them. So, costly and effective personal selling method needs to be used to sell such goods.

Features Of Unsought Goods

1. No Purchase Plan
Neither plan nor effort is made to buy unsought goods.

2. Rarely Purchased
Unsought goods are purchased rarely.

3. High Price
Generally, price of unsought goods is high.

4. No Brand :Loyalty
Consumers have no brand loyalty to unsought goods.

5. Specific Outlets
Such goods are purchased only from specific or certain shops.

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