Meaning And Features Of Shopping Goods

The goods for which the customers make plan to buy or take buying decision only after considering and thinking carefully are called shopping goods. Customers compare different brand goods of different stores on the basis of price, features, quality, utility, design, services, warranty etc. They take adequate time for purchasing plan and selection of goods. They visit shop to shop in search of the goods to satisfy their particular needs.

Furniture, household appliances, motor cycles, car, radio, TV set, refrigerator, swing machine, suit, lady's dress, shoes etc. are the examples of such goods. Customers think much, make plan to buy these goods, use adequate time and make efforts, visit different shops, compare quality and price, and finally take buying decision. They do not buy such goods frequently. Such goods are much costlier than convenience goods.

 The distribution channel for shopping goods is relatively short. Mostly, producers themselves sell such goods. The seller should be knowledgeable about quality, price, utility etc. of the goods and skilled to sell them. So, branding and packaging have no role in such goods. The responsibility of advertising shopping goods lies with retailers. Role of retailers is important in selling shopping goods. Goods are sold in confidence of the sellers of shop. So, decoration plays no role nor has any meaning. Per-unit profit margin of such goods is more than of convenience goods.

Features Of Shopping Goods

1. Proper Purchase Plan
The consumers make plan to buy shopping goods and make hard efforts before buying them.

2. Purchase Frequency
The consumers buy such goods only occasionally and use them slowly.

3. Price And Quality Comparisons
Consumers compare the quality, prices, features, service, design and utility to buy such goods.

4. Selective Outlets
Consumers buy shopping goods from selected shops.

5. Low Brand Awareness And Loyalty
Customers have low or less brand awareness, conviction and loyalty towards such goods.

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