Difference Between Formal And Informal Communication

Major differences between formal communication and informal communication are as follows:

1. Type

Formal Communication: It is written type of communication.
Informal Communication: Informal communication is verbal or oral type of communication.

2. Chain Of Command

Formal Communication: It follows a chain of command.
Informal Communication: It does not follow chain of command and move in any direction.

3. Proof

Formal Communication: Proof or supporting documents are kept safely in formal communication.
Informal Communication: There is no proof or supporting document in informal communication.

4. Security

Formal Communication: High level of security is maintained in formal communication.
Informal Communication: There is a lack of security in informal communication.

5. Authenticity

Formal Communication: Messages and information are authentic in formal communication.
Informal Communication: Messages, information and opinions may not be authentic in informal communication.

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6. Time

Formal Communication: Formal communication takes more time than informal communication.
Informal Communication: It is faster than formal communication.

7. Examples

Formal Communication: Orders, reports, requests etc.
Informal Communication: Discussion, gossips etc.


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