Concept And Meaning Of Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is one of the rapidly emerging concepts in the contemporary marketing world. Direct marketing is a form of non-store retailing in which the marketer uses non-personal media to introduce products to consumers and consumers purchase the product without visiting a store. Direct marketers contact consumers through radio, telephone, television, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, or direct mails. Consumers order products by telephone, regular mail, or e-mail. The ordered products are delivered to the consumers' addresses.

Direct marketing has grown into big business in USA and Europe where consumers are found to be too busy to visit retail outlets to purchase consumable items. This approach is slowly picking up in urban areas of developing countries.

Direct marketing includes a variety of retailing practices such as the traditional methods of in-home retailing, mail-order retailing, telemarketing, and television marketing to the modern approaches of database marketing, and electronic marketing.


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