Types Of Itineraries

The itineraries may be ready-made or made on request. The ready-made itineraries are made in advance without knowing when and who will buy. It is similar to produce clothes, shoes and display in a shop. It is prepared to suit maximum number of potential travelers. It must be salable and should be focused on the potential market segmentation. While preparing ready-made itinerary, a travel agent should consider its capacity, market, marketing strategy, competitor's policy, future company policy, pricing policy etc. They are used for packaging tours, so these are also known as package tours.
Special or tailor-made itineraries are made on request to suit the individuals. They are made on request or on demand of the particular customer. While preparing these types of itineraries, two way communication is possible so that we can ask and prepare as per the requirement. In this type of itinerary, duration, places of visit, date, hotel plan, type of service required is known. We know who and when will buy the tour.

Packaging of the tours may be prepared on the basis of the following points.

* Single or multiple destination: To include only one destination or to include more than one destination in one itinerary.
* Special interest package: For example adventure package, cultural package, holiday package, etc.
* Tour package: An itinerary prepared for pleasure, relax.
* Travel package: An itinerary specially for travel.
* Outbound package: An itinerary prepared for domestic tourists to visit foreign countries.
* Inbound package: An itinerary prepared for foreigners to visit our country.
* Domestic tours: An itinerary prepared for local people to visit own country.

The above package types show that itineraries can be of different types. It can be prepared for different purposes also. An itinerary prepared for manager includes itinerary of different clients. Manager wants to know over all happenings at a time.Transport itinerary includes only transport element to book transport or to inform driver. Tour guide itinerary includes all details points to visit. Guest itinerary includes detail description of the destination, interesting points, some do's an don'ts. Its objective is to motivate tourists to involve in tour.

Elements Of Itinerary

Itinerary is not an element. Because tourism is not made of single element. It is made of different elements combined together. A hotel, transport, an attraction is not tourism they are the basic elements of tourism. So, every itinerary have following elements.

1. Tour Program
The main and most important element of an itinerary is a tour program. The tour program consists of different activities. The programs are related to the travel or movement, stay and involve in different activities.

2. Timetable
Another major component of itinerary is the timetable of the tour program. Time table is the explanation of when to do what. In an itinerary, the tour program must be supported by a timetable.

3. Duration
Tangible goods are measured in weight, length etc. but intangible services are sold on the basis of duration. So, tourism as service, an itinerary must explain the duration of the service that is the length of each activity, total tour.

4. Destination
Tourism is related to travel and travel is related to destination. The destinations are the places to be visited. An itinerary should mention the starting point and the destination to be visited. 

5. 4 As. 
Every itinerary should have 4 A, they are attraction, accessibility, accommodation, and amenities. Attraction is any thing which attracts travelers to visit. Itinerary should mention what is the main attraction of the program. Then mention how to reach there, that is accessibility. It can be drive, fly, trek, raft etc. Next important feature is to mention where to stay. It can be hotel, camp, lodge etc. Finally every itinerary should mention service elements like what they enjoy, see, visit etc.