Points To Be Considered While Preparing Itinerary

An itinerary is the main sales item of a travel agency. It is the sales product of an agency. An itinerary should be able to transform the intangible character of the tourism product into tangible item. So, one should be very sensitive while preparing itinerary because it reflects the image of an agency.

Following points should be considered while preparing an itinerary:

1. Duration of tour

While preparing itinerary one must consider the allocation of time and duration of the tour- how many days in one country and how many days or hours in one place of interest.

2. Interest

Itinerary should be based on interest of the tourist. It must be interesting and attractive. A ready-made itinerary must be capable of attracting maximum number of tourists and easily salable, and should be competitive. Every activity of an itinerary should be interesting and total tour should be interesting. Every market has special interests and itinerary should try to focus on them.

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3. Season

Certain places are more interesting in one season than another. Certain activities are possible only at a certain time of the year and more beautiful at a certain time of the day. Tourism is a seasonable business so one should consider the seasons when one destination activity is better than other.

4. Budget

Itinerary is based on the budget too. For example, accommodation in big cities could be in five star hotels. In the same way trekking in Himalayas region is more expensive than trekking is hills. The same trek can be organized as tea-house or fully organized trek. Budget varies with different activities involved in the itinerary. The prepared itinerary must be competitive in the market. It must justify the time value and dollar value of the tour.

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5. Possible to express in monetary terms

Every itinerary must be possible to be expressed in terms of cost. Every item, element, activity mentioned in it should be possible to be evaluated in monetary terms. All service elements mentioned need to be expressed in cost.

6. Possible to fulfill

Preparing and itinerary is commitment or promise. So, mention only things which can be fulfilled. As an itinerary is legal document, it involves consumer's right. Every activity and total itinerary must be possible to fulfill.


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