Meaning Of Record Management

Records are the backbone of modern business. They are the memory of office. Records are written documents containing information. They are needed as future references to conduct business activities. They are the basis for accessing and comparing progress. They can be letters, orders, invoices, vouchers, books of accounts, minutes of meetings, reports, contracts, personnel and other records. They get accumulated every year in an office. They are paper work and computer files.

Record management is an important function of office management. Filing and indexing is concerned with records management. Records management includes activities designed to control the life cycle of records. The stages in the life cycle of record consist of :

1. Creating records:

Printed forms are used for creating records in file.

2. Storing records:

Inactive records are retained for future reference.

3. Retrieving records:

Records are retrieved for reference

4. Disposing records:

Deed records are destroyed


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