Concept And Meaning Of Office

Office is the service center for an organization. No organization can function without office. It is needed to manage information, records, properties and people. Therefore, office is the nerve center of an organization.

There are three concepts of office which can be discussed as follows:

1. Traditional view or concept of office

Traditional view regards office as place-oriented. Office is a central place where clerical and paper works are done. The clerical works can be as follows:
- Collecting, processing and filing information
- Handling of incoming and outgoing mails
- Writing and typing letters and reports
- Receipts and payments by cash or cheque
- Other routine jobs.
This view regards office as a place for routine paper works mentioned above.

2. Modern concept of office

Modern view regards office as functions-oriented. Office is a center for carrying out management functions. Such functions can be as follows:
- Planning and policy formation
- Organizing, staffing, directing and controlling
- Accounting, corresponding and communication
This view regards office as the work itself.

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3. Integrative concept of office

This view regards office as a combination of both place and functions. It states that:
- An office is a place where clerical tasks are performed to manage information. Joint stock companies must have their head office in a specific place
- An office is also center for performing managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling.


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