Characteristics Of Partnership Firm

Partnership firm is a type of business organization which is established and operated by two or more than two individuals. Some of the key features or characteristics of  of partnership firm are agreement among partners, unlimited liability, joint ownership, good faith, sharing of profit etc.

Main characteristics of partnership firm can be described as follows:

1. Association

Partnership is an association of two or more persons. It is formed to do lawful business. Partners should be competent to enter into a contract.

2. Agreement

Partnership is based on written agreement among partners. It is called partnership deed. It is a legal contract and guides the business activities of partnership firm. It helps to settle disputes among partners.

3. Unlimited liability

Partners have unlimited liability. Every partner is jointly and personally responsible for business debts. The personal property of partners can be used to pay business debts.

4. Joint ownership and control

Partnership firm is jointly owned and controlled by partners. Every partner has the right to take part in management of business.

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5. Sharing of profit and loss

Partners share profit and loss as per agreement. There can be no partnership without sharing profit and loss. If a share of profit is given to employees, it is not partnership.

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6. No separate identity

Partners and partnership are one and the same. Partnership has no separate legal identity. Partners are responsible for all business activities of the partnership.

7. Restriction on share transfer

The share of a partner is not freely transferable. It requires the consent of all the partners. Any one partner cannot transfer his share in partnership at his own free will.

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8. Good faith

Partnership is based on good faith. There must be mutual trust and understanding among partners. There should be no secrecy about business matters among partners.

9. Uncertain life

Uncertainty is another characteristic of partnership firm because it has uncertain life. The partnership agreement decides its life. It comes to an end when a partner retires, dies or become insolvent.


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