Merits And Demerits Of Railway Transport

Merits Of Railway Transport System:

1. Suitable for heavy goods and materials
Railway transport is the best means to transport heavy and big goods and it is also relatively cheap means.

2. Suitable for long distance
Railway transport can carry goods and people to distant places. It is relatively cheap and comfortable to transport goods and people to long distant.

3. Cheap and regular
Railway transport is cheap and regular means of transporting goods and people. It provides regular services to business firms and people because it is operated in fixed time and certain routes.

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4. Reliability and safety
Railway is dependable and reliable because it is not affected by change of weather, rain or any adverse weather. This means is dependable and safe to travel or send goods to distant place.

5. Speed
Speed of railway transport is higher than other means of road transport.

Demerits Of Railway Transport System

1. Huge Investment
Railway transport needs huge investment to construct and operate. Private companies cannot construct and operate it because it needs investment of huge capital. Only government can invest in it.

2. Less Flexible
Railway transport is less flexible because it has fixed routes and cannot be changed easily.

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3. Expensive Repair And Maintenance
Rail transport is highly expensive to operate repair and maintenance. Its security expense is also high.

4. Unsuitable For Light Goods And Materials For Short Distance
Railway transport is not suitable for light goods and short distance. It becomes relatively expensive to transport light goods to short distance.

5. No Door Delivery Of Goods
Railway transport does not deliver goods to the doors or warehouses because railway has fixed routes and can travel from one station to another on its routes.

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