Characteristics Of Publicity

There are some distinct features or characteristics of publicity such as involvement of third person, free of cost, easily communicated to the large number of audience and no repetition of message.

The main characteristics of publicity can be described as follows:

1. Third person involvement

Third persons involve in providing information and messages about goods or services of a firm. So, involvement of third persons under publicity is necessary for the promotion of business firm and its products. It becomes possible only through effective public relations.

2. Publicity is free

Not any amount as fee or charge is needed to the third persons for the publicity of information and messages about goods or services and the firm. The business firm need not bear direct expenses for the publicity materials communicated to the general public through mass media.

3. Greater readership

Information and messages about business firm and its products can be communicated to greater number of audiences and readers by making flow of news and holding press conference.

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4. No chance of repetition

There remains no possibility of repetition of the information and messages about the firm and its products communicated through publicity. But in advertisement , they may repeat.


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