Objectives Of Public Relations

There are various purposes or objectives of performing public relation activities in marketing such as awareness building, launching the new product, maintaining customer loyalty, etc. It helps the business company to expand its market and sales.

The main goals or objectives of public relations are as follows:

1. Building awareness

The objective of public relation is to build awareness and raise interests in concerned persons, groups and parties towards the firm's goods, services, ideas, policies, programs, progress etc. by informing them.

2. Announcing new products

Public relation can be used while bringing newly developed products in markets. Public relation can be used to publish information, messages, features, quality, utility, price, advantages etc of products through media. 

3. Building and maintaining customers loyalty

The other objective of public relation is to build and maintain customers loyalty to the firm's products and the firm itself. Such relation helps build loyalty in customers towards products and brand.

4. Building relationship with opinion leaders and others

Public relation gives emphasis to develop relationship with important opinion leaders, professionals and others. This makes possible to bring improvement in sales and firm's public image.


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