Features Of Effective Communication

Effective communication should posses the following features:

1. At Least Two Persons

There must be at least two persons to transmit information and ideas because single individual cannot exchange information. So, communication is exchanging of ideas and information between two or more persons.

2. Two-way Process
In effective communication, information flows from top to bottom level as well as bottom to top level without any disturbance. It is a two way traffic. It is essential for sharing opinions, thoughts and feedback.

3. Clarity

Ambiguity should be avoided in communication. The content (information or message) should be specific and clear.

4. Pervasive Function

Communication is pervasive and indispensable function of management in any organization. It helps to coordinate the all organizational mechanisms in order to achieve goals and objectives.

5. Oral, Written Or Symbol

There are number of means of communication such as written, oral, or symbolic. The communicator should choose proper medium to transmit information clearly and correctly.

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6. Adequacy Of Information

Effective communication should contain complete and adequate information so that message can be conveyed properly.

7. Continuous Process

It is unending process of any organization. It is important and continuous process until the existence of the organization. Without communication no organizational tasks can be performed correctly.


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